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we are insane.


we are dumb
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ryden and fapping o yes

fap for ryden
we are batshit insane

your mods are

take any problems to them or stfd.

before you post
~does your post have a subject? if not give it something dumb ok?
~tag your fuqin posts
~modposts = tagged !modpost as well as whatever else ok?
~mods can post OT posts, if you are not a mod, don't.
~don't post dumb posts for the sake of posting, that's what your personal journal is for.
~don't make us it make us hip make us scene make a scene.

what you can post and will prob be allowed:
~if it can be posted in rydenevidence it can probs be posted here. however do not cross post because as of rn we are in no way ~affiliated~ with them, the mods pm just met there and our whole blossoming friendships are due to them /life story.
~anything making fun of panic at the disco basically, esp ryho and branden.
~unflattering pictures are gr8
~qt pictures are gr8 2!!!1!
~ryan / brendon manips would be faaaabulous
~short stupid poems or s/t (dnw your 28 chapter long slash)
~the occasional meme pls don't go overboard ok because we don't want meme after meme being posted while there are already 12 other memes already.

~members only yo, that means that all posts must be flocked
~mods will announce any OT posts ok? even though this comm is pm a huge OT post but w/e ykwim.
~you should be fluent in acronyms idk, it would help a lot. don't expect any beautiful literature except from livetechnicolor or moceanu
~even though we love ~ryden~ or watever basically this comm was created to make fun of them so don't get all uptight when we say dumb things ok? if you do then, you don't belong here
~you also don't belong here if you googled your name and this is one of the results, oicu ross.
~don't get butthurt over stupid things, hi this is the internet ok? not irl, it's not srs bzns.
~don't pretend to be a boy especially if your name is danielle ok? we've had enough with zackattackkx

aim chats

aim chatroom has been since july 26, 2008: rydenevidence
basically aim was an idea conceived right here itt: heysup in the rydenevidence community. the first night was crazycrazycrazy and amidst the energy fapforryden was created ok? the aim chat name is pm a tradition. it's beed ded lately tho so idk.